This last weekend there were several reported incidents about protest during the playing of the national anthem before sports events. My protests are completely different than any of theirs.

Number one: I am protesting that only the people in the stadium hear and watch as the national anthem is played. In the vast majority of the broadcasts, we in the viewing audience were being presented with a variety of commercials while the national anthem was being presented in the stadium. I watched one broadcast showing the two game announcers talking while in the background the national anthem was being played!

Number two: The singing and playing of the national anthem is not an audition. Sing and play the notes as they were written! Sing the words as they were written! Maybe it is better that we listen and see the announcers instead of the butchering of our national Aanthem!

Sad to say, I missed this. A professional football player stood alone while his teammates stayed in their locker room during the playing of the national anthem. This man stood alone, in uniform, with his helmet off and his hand over his heart. He was not on the field but back in the entrance way and most people never saw him. This man is a veteran and was paying his respects to his flag as it was being presented and as his national anthem was being played. I salute that solo veteran and stand by him.

Jay C. Wood

Albany (Sept. 26)

USN (Ret) 


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