Reading the responses to my Letter to the Editor (Mailbag, Sept. 26) was interesting. As Mr. Mears says, he did not mention any specific reason for his letter. However, with the recent letters on the Rebels HS name, and his letter, I was using the common sense (which isn't really common) approach as "If It walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it probably is a duck." I also noticed that he hasn't clarified what he was referring to, but he did give a very strong clue in his statement about Philomath High.

As to Mr. Lazorti's response, I have to shake my head. He is right that we have serious immediate problems, such as North Korea, but racism has always been a problem, as has white supremacy. And we haven't done much to tackle it. Anyone who thinks that it is a "new thing" hasn't been paying attention.

I can certainly show Mr. Lazorti references to get hims started. I would recommend that he start with the 1898 North Carolina KKK (based) takeover of Wilmington, North Carolina, and the destruction of the town, because the town's blacks and whites were working well together, including politically, and a mixed race City Council. He might want to follow that up with a early 1900's change of state laws in Alabama, which basically took all power away from the towns and cities, and gave it to State Legislature. Again, too much cooperation among the mixed races.

Rick Siegert

Lebanon (Sept. 28)


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