I am writing to make your readers aware of the background of John Rosemond who writes the parenting column in your paper.

Readers may assume that since he has a syndicated column in papers across the nation that his advice would be based in research and evidence and represent a mainstream view on parenting shared by other child psychology professionals.

In fact, this could not be further from the truth. Basic investigation into his background reveals that he and his views are very controversial and he often contradicts the evidence-based policies of organizations such as the American Psychological Association.

Numerous suits have been filed against him, including suits by the North Carolina Psychology Board and the Kentucky Psychology Board. In the Kentucky suit his work was characterized as "unprofessional and unethical." His views are based in an extreme and dogmatic interpretation of the Bible and he is actively anti-science. He has stated many times that psychology is satanic and literally the work of the devil.

While there is nothing wrong with drawing from one’s faith for parenting values, his column should be presented as a religious advice column or a religious opinion column and not as a mainstream parenting column.

John Rosemond’s extreme religious views, controversial opinions and a general contempt for modern psychology should not be given a mainstream platform like the Democrat-Herald, where people can easily mistake him for a reasonable person. Which he is most certainly not.

Allison McCoy

Albany (Dec. 25)


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