Regarding DACA and immigration: Congress must pass legislation granting forgiveness (amnesty) to those immigrants here without papers (as long as they are productive citizens, and not involved in drugs/crime)!

Unfortunately, many Christian evangelical Congresspeople speak of “amnesty” as if it were a dirty word.

It’s illogical that white Christian evangelicals should be so against amnesty —amnesty is the very cornerstone of Christianity.

Those Congresspeople claim to have been “saved by grace,” but grace is nothing more than overwhelming amnesty — forgiveness — so how can they even consider denying forgiveness to immigrants?

They’re acting like the overseer in Jesus' parable who was forgiven billions and yet couldn't bring himself to forgive his neighbor $10! (Jesus said that overseer would no longer be forgiven after that lack of grace toward his fellow man. See Matt. 18.)

Does Congress think they are more deserving of forgiveness than the youth of the DACA program or even their parents? Are Congresspeople so much better than immigrants?

God Himself has extended unconditional forgiveness to everyone. How can we do less?

For their own souls, white evangelicals in Congress must reconsider.

Amnesty is what God offers to the whole human race.

Amnesty is a good thing.

June Forsyth Kenagy

Albany (Oct. 13)


City Editor

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