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There once was a Oregon liberal, anti-gun City Mouse. He hated semiautomatic weapons of any kind and wanted them outlawed for law-abiding mice. There had been some horrible shootings by deranged and criminal mice, mostly from the big cities. City Mouse wanted to make law-abiding Country Mice's guns illegal even though they had done nothing wrong with their firearms.

City Mouse argued for only lever action rifles and revolvers to be legal. (1890s technology...)

Criminal mice, Jihadi mice, home invasion mice, MS-13 and psycho mice used machetes or semiautomatic weapons mostly supplied by criminal networks.

But City Mouse focused on the mass shootings by psycho mice, as those involved the most common AR-style rifles, which he hated. Better to disarm law-abiding Country Mice than to be concerned with actual criminal mice.

Even as China surrounded islands in the Pacific with missiles, and Russia, Iran and evil counties around the world threatened the U.S., the City Mouse loved the idea of disarming law-abiding mice.

But suppose something affecting City Mouse was enacted!

Due to tens of thousands of auto deaths, suppose City Mouse's car (a modern one) was being confiscated. Only slow, safer 1890s style cars could be used now. "He still had the right to an auto," though (a statement he had used for only allowing old-style guns).

Perhaps City Mouse would be mad, even though he had declared driving an auto as a privilege. Because, after all, privileges can be easily revoked.

Gary Hartman

Lebanon (May 7)


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