Why isn't anyone looking into violent video games as a link to violent gun killings?

Parents don't monitor their kids computer games nearly enough. Most just give the kid what he wants, not realizing the thrills the kids are getting from killing fake people in the privacy of their bedroom.

It doesn't take an expert to realize that many of these kids who are addicted to these games might want to experience the real thing.

Many have given up normal social interaction by the time they want to kill people. They're socially retarded and become angry at not being accepted by "normal" people.

Gun control doesn't apply to these damaged people. They have no record, since they are not outside doing bad stuff. They are in their rooms killing people! That's their reality.

Weak, over-permissive parents make misfit children. Until parents take charge of their kids computer use, these things will continue. Kids grow up to be these same kind of adults.

Marilyn Schlim

Sweet Home (Oct. 6)


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