I received a postcard in the mail from the "Jefferson First" group" listing four issues it wishes to recall Mayor Hightower on. 

I had to laugh, as I realized these are the exact same issues that got the old mayor and there council members voted out of office.  Either this group has a short memory or they think Jefferson voters do. Now I see the head of this group, Audrey Webster, is starting a smear campaign of half-truths with her letter to the editor concerning Mayor Hightower. 

It seems Ms. Webster has an issue with the mayor being married. From years of being married, I can honestly say that the husbands are usually the last to know what's going on. So I wouldn't be too concerned about it.  Yes, there have been some small mistakes made in procedures by Mayor Hightower. This happens with new people as it's a learning process. Unfortunately Jefferson First wants total control of the City Council with its biased old-boys group and will not afford anyone the room to learn.

Hopefully the voters of Jefferson do not slip back into the old ways of doing business and follow Jefferson First agenda.

Truly consider a "No" vote on recall.

Keith Rude

Jefferson (Aug. 29)


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