Saturday morning, Aug. 19, I read through the paper as I ate my breakfast. In the religion section there was a headline about standing up to evil. Now here was something worth reading.

I started reading the column by Barbara Nixon where I found that in my great ignorance I am an evil sinner. Now I know already that I am a sinner but in my ignorance I thought my sins were listed in the Bible. This time my sin is that I have sprayed Roundup.

As I contemplated my new sin I thought of all the times that I had sinned with Roundup. I concluded that I am in serious trouble. I then thought of the times when I have sinned by spraying Roundup. I have used Roundup in order to not cultivate the soil so that we could plant no-till (without tillage). It takes fuel to power the tractors that we use to cultivate the soil to prepare a seed bed. I’m sure that that is a sin, to use fossil fuels.

Now I am left to decide which is the greater sin, to use Roundup or to burn fossil fuels. We, our farm and society, need the production from those fields. In my ignorance I don’t know which is the greater sin so I don’t know which sin to choose. I wish that life was simple, it isn’t black and white. I hope God, and Barbara, will take pity on me.

Mike Coon

Shedd (Aug. 30)


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