Re: “Train noise irks resident,” March 11, 2011.

Ralph Reid is either deaf or disingenuous. Or maybe he doesn’t live in Albany. His statement that no one has ever complained to him about train horns, implying horn noise is not a problem, is laughable. Mr. Reid, just listen at any given time, from anywhere in Albany, and hear the problem for yourself. It’s insane.

So instead of empathy for its residents, the problem is disregarded and the quality of life in Albany suffers again. Albany and the railroads could do things to reduce horn noise. How about reducing the decibel level of the horns — they don’t have to wake the dead, just the living.

Or have the horns blow only in the direction of travel. What does blowing a horn backwards accomplish? Albany could install some quiet zones to at least reduce the number of horn blasts per day. Maybe use some of that Pepsi money if cost is a concern.

Certainly, things can be done. Albany doesn’t have much going for it, so any steps toward improved livability would be a good thing.

Please, Mr. Reid, add me as the second on your list of train horn complainants, right behind William Arnold.

Andy Lesko, Albany (March 15)

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