The last couple weeks have been filled with an enormity of support and opposition to the revelation of the fact that the NSA has been systematically and secretly spying on the American people for quite some time. Edward Snowden, former technical contractor for the NSA and CIA employee who blew the whistle concerning details of top-secret American mass surveillance programs to the press, has managed to become enemy one of the United States.

Glenn Greewald, the Guardian journalist who Snowden first contacted in February, told the Daily Beast on June 25 that Snowden “had taken extreme precautions to make sure many different people around the world have these archives to ensure the stories will inevitably be published.”

Greenwald added that if anything would happen to Snowden, he had arranged for those people in possession of the files to get access to the full archives which are now highly encrypted.

Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul commented regarding the indictment of Edward Snowden for espionage, which is posted on his Facebook page as follows: “My understanding is that espionage means giving secret or classified information to the enemy. Since Snowden shared information with the American people, his indictment for espionage could reveal (or confirm) that the U.S. Government views you and me as the enemy.”

It seems the American people would be outraged by majority over these infringements and violations of our civil liberties instead of supporting any condemnation or imprisonment, possibly for life of the man who did what we should expect any American citizen to do considering the constitutional principles we hold our elected officials by sworn oath. Shouldn’t the violations of our constitutional rights have priority over indicting the one who is exposing the violations for our better interest or at least for public discussion and debate?

Justin D Klinkebiel, Jefferson (June 26)

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A couple of years ago I was scolded by some here for not being sufficiently alarmed about the Patriot Act. I am now sufficiently alarmed.

Liberty in Shambles by Judge Andrew P. Napolitano:

Mr G
Mr G

And now the phrase "least untruthful" enters the government lexicon. Good luck using that phrase as a private citizen.

It's impossible to trust government, especially the local version. Attend a Council/ARA or a CARA Advisory Board meeting for a real-life display of government run amok. Legalized theft, legalized cronyism, legalized lying.

But, hey, most of their statements are the "least untruthful" so we should turn a blind eye. Right? We deserve the government we elect, and we deserve it good and hard.

It's time for a new Mayor, and about four city councilors. End the madness.


This is the latest statement from Edward Snowden provided as a direct link from Wikileaks.

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