There has been a bit of speculation over what my website,, is really all about.

There’s obviously a lot of work that has gone into it. It’s, thus far, the product of some years of effort. Some presume that the reasoning is simply to establish some niche of business for myself. I guarantee you that my motives are much more devious than that.

My goals for creating the LebaNetwork are as follows: We, as a community, hope to develop an environment of commerce where national and international companies, such as Walmart, must struggle to compete with local merchants for the goods, products and services offered in this community.

We, as a community, can create a development strategy and infrastructure where owning and operating a motor vehicle is an option of convenience instead of a necessity for success. We, as a community, can strive to make health care about the relationship between physician and patient, instead about getting the “best plan” at the cheapest price.

We desire clean, reliable and renewable energy that can be generated in this community, not dependant upon an electrical system that is not only overburdened but desperately archaic.

We want to see the education of our children as a process of bequeathing to them the passion to thrive, instead of simply meeting academic goals and following federally mandated standards.

We want to be a community that celebrates the goodness of life in all that it has to offer, sharing it with the people who may come to visit with us, because we live in a place that places value on life.

What’s my goal for the LebaNetwork? I want to change the world. And the way to change the world is by giving them an example that is worth following. That’s what the LebaNetwork is all about. It’s about making the community of Lebanon, Oregon, a better place.

Mark Staneart

Lebanon (Nov. 17)

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