Duplicate Bridge Results

2013-10-05T07:30:00Z Duplicate Bridge Results Albany Democrat Herald
October 05, 2013 7:30 am

Winners Sept. 23-26

Sept. 23 — 1/A Charles Rethlefsen, Corvallis, Stuart Newberger, Corvallis; 2/A 1/B 1/C Mark Rowe, Philomath, Eileen Boal, Albany; 3/A 2/B Joyce Dickerson, Corvallis, David Finley, Albany; 4/A 3/B Jean Christenson, Corvallis, Jeannine George, Corvallis; 5/A 4/B Sandra Allen, Corvallis, Janice Boger, Corvallis; 6/A Charles Baker Jr., Corvallis, Pat Moore, Corvallis; 7/A 5/B 2/C Sandra Krantz, Albany, Judith Ratte, Corvallis; 1/A 1/B Paul Hochfeld, Corvallis, Terrance Hill, Corvallis; 2/A 2/B 1/C Maureen Gosda, Albany, Stanley Blascow, Corvallis; 3/A John Gregory, Corvallis, Frank Knight, Corvallis; 4/A Irva Neyhart, Corvallis, Dennis Harms, Corvallis; 5/A 3/B Eileen Milligan, Corvallis, Ian Milligan, Corvallis; 6/A 4/B Richard Koford, Salem, Marjorie Laux, Keizer; 7/A Roger Barker, Albany, George Boger, Corvallis; 5/B 2/C Martha Farmer, Salem, Jack Farmer, Salem; 6/B Jay Schriner, Albany, Cheryl Baker, Corvallis.

Sept. 24 — 1/A 1/B Dennis Harms, Corvallis, Dick Jarvinen, Corvallis; 2/A 2/B Sandra Allen, Corvallis, Noeline Myers, Corvallis; 3/A 3/B Barbara Livernois, Corvallis, Joyce Lilleberg, Corvallis; 4/A 4/B Jean Christenson, Corvallis, Evelyn Wick, Corvallis; 5/A 1/C Joan Beck, Corvallis, Ann Mills, Corvallis; 6/A Ronna Knight, Corvallis, Frank Knight, Corvallis; 2/C Robbie Huffman, Corvallis, Ruby Miller, Albany; 1/A 1/B 1/C Stan Blascow, Philomath, Mark Rowe, Philomath; 2/A 2/B Daniel Remily, Albany, Jay Schriner, Albany; 3/A Eileen Milligan, Corvallis, George Boger, Corvallis; 4/A 3/B Eileen Boal, Albany, Wanda Knight, Albany, tied with Jeannine George, Corvallis, Gene Mohan, Corvallis; 6/A Freda Macdonald, Albany, Judith Ratte, Corvallis.

Sept. 25 — 1/ Delores Clark, Albany, Daniel Roger, Albany; 2/ Eleanor Carlson, Corvallis, Ellen Goodemoot, Philomath.

Sept. 25 — 1/A 1/B Sandra Allen, Corvallis, Carol Harms, Corvallis; 2/A 2/B Robert Peterkort, Corvallis, William Grady, Albany; 3/A 3/B Stan Blascow, Philomath, John Gregory, Corvallis; 4/A Ronna Knight, Corvallis, Frank Knight, Corvallis, tied with Freda Macdonald, Albany, Anita Gibbs, Corvallis; 1/C Glenda Fleming, Albany, Anne Ong, Corvallis; 1/A Terrance Hill, Corvallis, Irva Neyhart, Corvallis; 2/A Eileen Milligan, Corvallis, George Boger, Corvallis; 3/A 1/B Becky McKenzie, Corvallis, Wanda Knight, Albany; 4/A 2/B 1/C Daniel Roger, Albany, Thomas Savage, Albany; 5/A Dennis Harms, Corvallis, Charles Rethlefsen, Corvallis; 3/B Gayanne Alexander, Corvallis, David Smith, Corvallis; 4/B Brian Breckenridge, Corvallis, Chris Poulos, Eugene.

Sept. 26 — 1/A Charles Baker Jr., Corvallis, Elizabeth Currier, Albany; 2/A Sandra Allen, Corvallis, Richard Garvin, Corvallis; 3/A 1/B Sandra Krantz, Albany, Gene Mohan, Corvallis; 4/A 2/B Jim Postell, Corvallis, A Virginia Koos, Tangent; 5/A 3/B 1/C Daniel Remily, Albany, Susan Remily, Albany; 6/A 4/B Daniel Rogers, Albany, Richard Arenz, Salem; 5/B David Finley, Albany, John Gregory, Corvallis; 2/C Delores Clark, Albany, Nancy Haas, Scio; 1/A Irva Neyhart, Corvallis, Gregory Smith, Corvallis; 2/A 1/B 1/C Eileen Boal, Albany, Wanda Knight, Albany; 3/A 2/B Beth Aronoff, Corvallis, Mary Alice Seville, Corvallis; 4/A 3/B Freda Macdonald, Albany, Sharron Wechsler, Corvallis; 5/A 4/B Jay Schriner, Albany, Marty Heer, Albany; 6/A 5/B Hal Green, Philomath, Roger Barker, Albany.

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