A man who could lose $250,000 for violating a release agreement was set free from the Linn County Jail on Wednesday, after posting an additional $32,500 security, or 10 percent of his new bail.

Bobby Ray Hancock, 41, of Sweet Home, is accused of first-degree manslaughter, driving under the influence of intoxicants and tampering with physical evidence regarding a fatal motorcycle crash near Sweet Home in September 2011.

Hancock’s fiancee, Victoria Sophia Richards, 40, also of Sweet Home, was pronounced dead at the scene of the Sept. 24 crash, which occurred on Foster Dam Road.

Last month, Judge Thomas McHill ruled that Hancock violated his released agreement by drinking alcohol. During a hearing Feb. 21, a bartender at the Pineway Golf Course near Lebanon said Hancock regularly purchased drinks there.

Hancock forfeited $25,000 in bail he had posted from 2011, and the state is seeking the remaining $225,000 balance.

A new bail of $325,000 was created and Hancock was returned to jail.

His defense team appealed the security forfeiture on Feb. 21, and asked for the reinstatement of the pre-trial release.

In an affidavit, defense attorney Rogelio Cassol noted that Hancock was addicted to alcohol and self-treated his depression from the death of fiancee with alcohol. He added that Hancock would benefit from alcohol treatment.

McHill denied the appeal.

Hancock is scheduled to begin a nine-day jury trial on Aug. 13 in Linn County Circuit Court.

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