Chucheng Xiong

An Albany KFC employee is in jail after claiming to be a Benton County sheriff's deputy and threatening to arrest and handcuff his manager on Wednesday morning.

Chucheng Xiong, 30, was arrested for impersonating a peace officer, a Class C felony, after he told his boss that his other job is as a deputy with Benton County and that he needed time off over the weekend to volunteer with the Albany Police Department.

Albany police officials said he is not a department volunteer, but that he does work as a food sample host at Albany Winco Foods.

According to the report, when Xiong's boss became skeptical and asked him for a photo of his work schedule from the Benton County Sheriff's Office, as well as his supervisor's name, he said he'd have to go out to his car, because that's where he kept his computer.

Xiong later returned with handcuffs and told his boss that his supervisor at the Benton County Sheriff's Office told him to resign and then arrest her for violating a government code in asking for a photo of government property. According to witnesses, he recited an official-sounding ordinance in claiming she had violated a federal law.

When he wielded the handcuffs, Xiong was asked to leave. Albany Police Department officers later arrested him. 

KFC franchise owner Dave Herber said he was pleased that his employees followed the restaurant's policy.

"We have a policy that if anyone makes you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, that you should tell that person the leave," he said. "In this case, she decided to call the police, which was a good move on her part."

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