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Linn County Sheriff's Office Deputy Chris Fairchild stops a delivery from entering the old armory building while holding the door open for the Oregon State Police bomb squad Tuesday morning. The item found was determined to be a bottle of urine wrapped in hand warmers and duct tape.

Mark Ylen Mid-Valley Media

County employees got an unexpected break their first work day of the new year while Oregon State Police bomb squad members investigated a suspicious item found in a restroom.

The item turned out to be a bottle of urine wrapped in hand-warmers and held together with electrical tape. Deputies with the Linn County Sheriff's Office said it was likely meant to be used for a drug test.

Deputies evacuated more than 30 people, including clients, Tuesday morning from the former Armory building at 104 SW Fourth Ave., which houses Linn County Drug and Alcohol, Problem Gambling, the juvenile department and the county attorney.

An employee found the item in a restroom shortly before 10 a.m. and alerted the Sheriff's Office. The building was closed for about an hour.

Lt. Jeff Schrader said his office alerted the bomb squad just to be sure. "We don't want to be complacent," he said.


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