The primary preliminaries over, Congressman Peter DeFazio, D-4th District, has invited Republican Art Robinson to a series of debates.

He insisted that they be “meaningful, structured debates sponsored by nonpartisan and highly respected community organizations.”

In the 2010 campaign, Robinson at first called for debates in which the candidates could question each other but eventually agreed to the kind that DeFazio wanted.

In the primary that ended Tuesday, DeFazio was renominated for his 13th two-year term over Robinson’s son Matthew, who had filed as a Democrat.

In Linn County, DeFazio got 79 percent of the vote to 16 percent for young Robinson. In the district as a whole, DeFazio got nearly 90 percent and his challenger just under 10 percent of the Democrats who voted.

“Oregon voters saw through Art Robinson’s stunt and soundly defeated his son’s bizarre bid for the Democratic nomination,” DeFazio said in a statement. “Now that Robinson’s primary sideshow is over, we can focus on our specific and detailed solutions to address the economy and other serious problems plaguing our country.”

Matthew Robinson pronounced himself “delighted with the result.”

He said that counties in District 4 “which have been hardest hit by his policies, voted against him in much higher percentages.”

“DeFazio is starting the general election race against my Dad without 11 percent of the Democrats,” Robinson said, based on an early report of results. “With everyone’s help, it is highly likely that my Dad will be able to win the election this fall.”

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