A traffic stop in Albany on Tuesday led to the arrest of a woman wanted for second-degree sex abuse, according to Albany Police Captain Eric Carter.

Rebecca Nicole Parr, 26, was a passenger in a car Albany Police officer Thomas Roten pulled over Oct. 17 in the 300 block of Queen Avenue. After Parr gave her name when asked, Roten learned she had a warrant as a result of a secret indictment that alleged Parr in March of 2012 had engaged in unwanted sexual activity with an adult male.

At her arraignment Wednesday in Linn County Circuit court, Judge David Delsman agreed to her release but ordered that she have no contact with the alleged victim. When Parr explained she was in a custody dispute with the victim, Delsman said she would be allowed to communicate with the alleged victim's lawyer.

Parr's next court appearance is scheduled for for Nov. 6.

Neil Zawicki