Albany City Hall

Albany City Hall

Ashley Smith, Democrat-Herald

The Albany City Council on Wednesday night voted to adopt the amended language of the Albany Human Relations Commission, making the words "equity," "diversity" and "inclusion" part of the group's charter language.

Councilors Rich Kellum and Mike Sykes were excused during the vote. The council in an Oct. 4 work session agreed to the language change, but the Wednesday vote ratified the change.

In other business, two Albany police officers were honored for their roles in saving a woman's life during a June 29 incident.

Officers Cody Ponder and Jim Estes received Life Saving Awards for their actions on that day, when both found themselves talking to a woman determined to jump from the Lyon Street Bridge just after 5:30 a.m.

As Chief Mario Lattanzio described the situation, Ponder made his way onto the bridge's outside rail, where the woman was standing, facing out and holding the rail behind her. Ponder spoke to her, keeping her attention while Estes approached from the other side. Estes was able to reach the woman while Ponder distracted her, and although she protested that she wanted to kill herself, Lattanzio explained, "The female was not able to jump from the bridge."

Lattanzio also said the distance she would have fallen and the low water levels meant she almost certainly would have died.

The officers quietly received their awards to applause from fellow officers and councilors.

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