Oregon National Guard recruiter Tim Fox, convicted of sexual abuse and coercion charges Friday in Linn County Circuit Court, will now face disciplinary action by the military.

National Guard spokesman Capt. Stephen Bomar of Salem said a military disciplinary board has already begun the process of determining what level of sanctions Fox will face, including possible separation from the military. He has served more than 23 years, both on active duty in Iraq and as a recruiter based in Lebanon.

“The civilian conviction is part of our investigation as well,” Bomar said. “Now that the verdict is in, the commander can make a decision on how to proceed. That conviction can, and most likely will, be used for disciplinary action and/or separation from the Guard.”

The process will be overseen by Fox’s recruiting department command based in Salem, Bomar said.

Bomar said Fox is still a paid employee of the National Guard, but he will not be working while he is free on $10,000 bail until his Dec. 8 sentencing.

Fox could face up to five years in prison. He was found guilty by a 12-person jury of two class C felonies — first-degree attempted sexual abuse and coercion — and misdemeanors including private indecency and third-degree sexual abuse.

“He will remain employed until we get through his sentencing and we will continue to work with civil authorities,” Bomar said. “We will know a lot more in a week.”

Bomar said the Oregon National Guard has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to sexual abuse or harassment.

“We appreciate the fact that the individuals affected by these crimes had the courage to come forward,” Bomar said. “A big point is that it’s not about the individual, it’s about our organization — the overall values of our organization — that’s why people join. Zero tolerance is just that.”

Four women charged that Fox abused them in separate incidents between May 2008 and March 2010.

Bomar said he could not talk about the Sept. 4, 2009, complaint filed with the National Guard by then-Albany resident Jachee Crockett. She claimed that Fox had asked her to show him her breasts and on another occasion made inappropriate comments to her during a recruiting event at the Willamette Country Music Festival.

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