Firefighters quickly contained a venting propane tank fire Thursday afternoon in the detached shop of a home at 2635 Arlene Avenue in Lebanon.

According to a news release, the Lebanon Fire District received the call at around 12:34 p.m. Crews arrived on scene to find a 20-pound propane tank on fire inside the shop. A resident had been using the torch connected to the tank for some blacksmithing work, and when the torch came within the area of the tank, the tank erupted in fire.

Personnel entered the shop and used a hose stream to push the fire away while attempting to close the valve by hand. When propane is under pressure, a simple water stream often will not extinguish flames. A fog stream from a fire hose offers a protected space and allows firefighters to get close enough to the container to close the valve. In this case, however, the valve handle had already melted away, so crews couldn't shut off the gas supply.

Firefighters continued cooling the tank, allowing it to burn off fuel while controlling the flames with streams and watching for possible extension into the shop. After roughly 10 minutes, the tank's contents had vented enough that the flames could be extinguished.

Fire officials believe a leaking valve may be to blame.

One juvenile was evaluated on scene by paramedics for possible injuries. He did not require treatment.