Linn top 10

1. Roger Nyquist, Linn County commissioner

2. Dr. Paula Crone, executive associate dean, College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific — Northwest

3. Wes Hare, Albany city manager

4. Shelly Garrett, executive director, Lebanon Area Chamber of Commerce

5. Greg Roe, executive director, United Way of Linn County

6. Hasso Hering, former editor, Albany Democrat-Herald

7. John Hitt, Lebanon city manager

8. Andy Olson, state representative, District 15

9. Maria Delapoer, superintendent, Greater Albany Public Schools

10. Frank Morse, former state senator, District 8

BENTON top 10

1. Ed Ray, president, Oregon State University

2. Larry Mullins, CEO, Samaritan Health Services

3. Julie Manning, Corvallis mayor and Samaritan Health Services vice president for development

4. Mike McInally, editor, Corvallis Gazette-Times and Albany Democrat-Herald

5. Jim Patterson, Corvallis city manager

6. Mike Riley, head football coach, Oregon State University

7. Jay Dixon, Benton County commissioner

8. Rich Carone, Korvis Automation CEO and real estate developer

9. Bond and Barte Starker, Starker Forests

10. Annette Mills, facilitator, Corvallis Sustainability Coalition

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