Pork fried rice perfect for leftovers

Pork Fried Rice

Linda Gassenheimer, Tribune News Service

Fried rice needs to be crisp and flavorful. That’s the key to this pork fried rice. Chinese restaurants use special equipment to get their woks very hot. For home cooking, add the ingredients and let them sit for one or two minutes before tossing. This allows the wok to return to a high heat after the cold food has been added.

This is a perfect dish for leftover rice and meat. In fact, cold rice makes better fried rice.

Helpful hints:

• For easy stir-frying, place all of the prepared ingredients on a cutting board or plate in order of use. You won’t have to look at the recipe once you start to cook.


• Make rice and set aside

• Marinate pork

• Prepare ingredients

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• Make fried rice

Shopping List:

To buy: 1 package microwaveable brown rice, ¾ pound pork tenderloin, 1 small bottle low-sodium soy sauce, 1 small bottle hoisin sauce, 1 package frozen peas, 1 head bok choy and 1 bunch scallions.

Staples: canola oil, onion, garlic egg, salt and black peppercorns.


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