Every two years The Arts Center participates in Quilt County, the multiexhibit event organized by the Marys River Quilt Guild and the Benton County Historical Museum. This year The Arts Center is building on that theme in a larger-than-life way with a show titled “Logcabin Medley.” It will be on display Aug. 26-Sept. 30.

One of the primary techniques involved in quilt making is patchwork, sewing together geometric pieces of fabric often to form a design or block. Fiber artist Clay Lohman created a three-dimensional cabin of approximately 7-by-10 feet, constructed from panels in the historic log cabin patterns. He uses basic patterned cotton, but has enlarged the blocks to an unusual size. Visitors will be able to enter the cabin.

Lohman invited artists Julie Green, Anna Fidler and Kerry Skarbakka to create work in relation to and surrounding his log cabin.

Continuing the theme of patchwork, Green shows her ongoing daily drawings of "The Garden at 8 a.m." Every day for the past 15 years, she has documented the same garden view. The early years were in video, but more recently in sumi ink on paper. She divides the paper or paper plate up in rectangles representing the day of the month, each day she paints one rectangle. The result is quilt-like.

Fidler will debut a monumentally scaled work on paper inspired by the Triadic Ballet of 1922 by Oskar Schlemmer from the Bauhaus. To her scene of dancers she added silhouetted autumnal trees and a sense of witchcraft.

Skarbakka interprets the human element in his staged photography. He approaches his subject matter as Lohmann does: larger than life. The portrait of his small son, who experiences rhododendrons as his personal wilderness, will be 15 feet high, towering out over the log cabin

The exhibit includes a Brown Bag Art Talk Wednesday, Sept. 6. The Arts Center is open Tuesday through Saturday, noon to 5 p.m. For more information, see theartscenter.net.


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