Name: Sharon Rackham King

Occupation: Artists; Artist-in-residence at Mountain View Elementary 2009-2016; human resources manager prior to that.”

Hometown: “Oregonian through and through: Medford, Corvallis, Portland, Corvallis again, for about a decade each.”

Exhibit: “New Year, New Work, New Love: Monotype”

Location: The Hold Studio, Suite E-2 in Madison Plaza, at 425 SW Madison Ave.

About The Hold: “Holly Campbell and I opened The Hold just last October so we’d have a downtown studio space, with the bonus of an intimate gallery in the front. We were hosting Corvallis Arts Walk at Voices, a nine-member gallery we co-manage with founder Marnie Zoa, when we heard about the space. That was a Thursday night, and we signed the papers Sunday. It was a whirlwind, and the dream I wasn’t even sure I had until the opportunity was two inches in front of my face.”

Medium(s): “Watercolor has been my primary medium since I was old enough to hold a brush; wool in recent years; acrylic and monotype in recent months.”

About the exhibit: “The monotype process is new to me and I’ve fallen for it head over heels. It’s so opposite of the familiar territory of watercolor that it took me by surprise that I was able to switch gears and adapt to it. There’s a beautiful freedom in the reductive process, coating a plate with ink so you can wipe some away to reveal an image. And the unpredictability, oh my!”

“Laying the paper over the ink, rolling the plate through the press with just the right pressure, cleanly lifting the paper off the plate it’s now embedded onto … There’s risk and mystery in each step.”

Inspiration: “Sometimes I say deadlines inspire my work and people chuckle, but I’m not kidding! Scarcity of time, or materials like when I taught 300 elementary kids, pushes me to try new methods. No matter what media I’m working in, the subjects tend toward animals, from endangered species to pets, plant life, and mountainscapes.”

Impact on viewer: “I believe the viewer will bring to the work what they want to see, or are prepared to see. The best compliment I’ve received was from a student’s parent: 'When I look at your art, I see things in nature that I hadn’t noticed before.' It doesn’t get better than that.”

Previous Exhibits: “Locally: The Hold, Voices Gallery, Imagine Coffee, Footwise Window, Restore Physical Therapy, The Arts Center, Corvallis Fall Festival, Albany City Hall."

"Statewide: Watercolor Society of Oregon, Oregon Society of Artists, Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, and boutiques, restaurants, and art fairs in the Portland area.”

What people should know: “The first thing I’d like to share is that I’m an advocate for children having positive experiences with art. In addition, I combine my passion for art with love of community by frequently donating artwork or proceeds to local groups including Corvallis Public Schools Foundation, Corvallis Sister Cities, Give Us 5, and two more organizations I’m excited to be strengthening partnerships with in 2018.”


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