In late October 1993, retired tennis legend Bobby Riggs stopped in Corvallis for a quick visit with friends. But the news didn't stay quiet for long, and an otherwise ordinary trip ballooned into a minor attraction, complete with local media coverage, friendly rivalries and a Battle of the Sexes revival, mid-valley style.

Did Riggs change sports history? Could he still command a tennis court at age 75? Would he have to surrender Fresh Mex coupons to a crowd of 150?

We were there, and the answers are here.

See "Battle of the Sexes" this weekend at the Pix Theater in Albany and Darkside Cinemas in Corvallis.

"Competitive fire still rages within Riggs" (Democrat-Herald, Oct. 29, 1993)

"Battle of the Sexes for the '90s" (Democrat-Herald, Oct. 30, 1993)