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It's been a little while. I haven't been spending any time writing about the political climate, only because, maybe like watching a wolf pull apart a crippled rabbit, there really wasn't much else to say.

Bu we've passed 100 days, a benchmark The Magician celebrated before his complete failure to affect any forward motion. No Muslim ban, no universal healthcare replacement, no border wall that Mexico would pay for, no tax reform, and a budget that still includes funding for NPR and the NEA, and an increase in spending for scientific research.

With these failures, The Magician now calls the 100-day mark a silly standard to set. 

But let's not dwell on that reality. Let's spend a little time with Andrew Jackson, that stalwart champion of the oppressed, that friend to the Cherokee nation, and the slave owner who was 16 years ahead of his time in his opposition to the Civil War.

Old Sharp Knife would not have stood for any Civil War anymore than he would have agreed to our intervention in Vietnam. And let's not even get started on how Jackson would have felt about the Cold War. But not even that matters. So let's move on to The Magician's declaration that "We are sending an armada" to North Korea.

"Very powerful," he said of this armada. "We have submarines. Very powerful. Far more powerful than the aircraft carrier. That I can tell you."

Let's have a look at that statement. Not only does it read like some thug talking tough, it wasn't even true. We could focus on the fact this carrier group was nowhere near or even headed to North Korea, but we don't need that. 

A carrier group is not an armada. There are about 15 ships in a carrier group. Some of them are boats (if you can put a boat on it, it's a ship.)

The last time we sent an armada anywhere was June 6, 1944. That excursion included nearly 12,000 ships and boats.

The Spanish Armada, which sailed to England in 1588, had 130 ships.

 Both these actual armadas sailed in the English Channel. Both of them were sent, as armadas generally are, to throw down. One of those armadas was defeated. I'll leave it to you to figure out which one.

But never mind that either. The Magician used the word Armada, a Spanish word. I thought we spoke English in this country.

Beyond these glaring examples of dishonesty, ineptitude and bluster, those who continue to support the Magician get to enjoy rallies held in their honor. No other president has held rallies after being elected and this far from reelection time, but it's really all the substance he has.

And maybe the most surreal and the saddest thing about the rallies is that his followers are stuck in a time loop, where they get to salivate over the idea of a Trump presidency, without needing to examine its realities. And of course The Magician loves it.

"He feels comfortable with his people!"

That's what Dennis Hopper said about Colonel Kurtz in Apocalypse now. Think of that.

His people, by the way, in The Magician's own words, are poorly educated. 

"I love the poorly educated," he said.

Of course he does. Without critical thought, an understanding of History, and the ability to think beyond the show and the bravado - all things an education provides - people like The Magician rise to power. 

We have become an uneducated nation, and large portions of our society seem proud of that fact. Even worse, when shown how very, very incorrect their man is, they shrug and say, "so what?" 

We had a good run. 200 years and change.

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