Albany's Senator Yih offered the Legislature a plan to get out of its budget mess, a workable plan the majority chose to ignore. Now she has offered another sound idea.

She asked the Senate leadership about asking the newspapers in the state publish budget figures detailed enough to allow the public to make some judgments about spending and cutting back.

Yih said this would give the public a chance to express itself on what it regards as high-priority items that should be saved at all costs, and which have a lower priority and might if necessary be axed.

The information is already available on the Internet (, but not everyone has access to it.

Yih also suggested that the state tally online suggestions on what they think should be done about the budget situation. The suggestions might not all be practical, but they might give lawmakers an idea or two, or stiffen their backbones to do one thing or another.

Mae Yih has been in the Legislature a long time. Even after all these years, she comes up with ideas that go beyond the usual arguments but try to involve the people in what the Legislature decides. (hh)

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