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“I’m tired! It’s too cold outside!”
Six tips to help you stay on track with your fitness goals.
By Sarah Price

What is your inspiration or
motivation for working out?
How do you stay on track and
accountable for your workouts?
These are questions we should
ponder as the holidays approach,
the rain starts to pour, and the
temperatures begin to drop. It’s
easy to talk yourself out of
exercising. Even when you have
the best intentions to work out,
excuses are so easy to find. Try
these tips to stay on course:
1. Do it for YOU! Research
shows those who are externally
motivated—that is, working
out to look good for their class
reunion—are less likely to stick
with it. Those that are internally
motivated or inspired—a drive
that comes from within—are
more likely to adhere to their
fitness plan.
Goal: Find what inspires YOU.
2. Change it up. Mixing up your
fitness routine will have your body
saying “WHAT!?” You don’t have
to re-invent the wheel. Simply
switch around your current
workout, try a different exercise,
or take a new group exercise
class. Chances are you’ll activate
muscles that you may not have
worked in a long time.
Goal: Invigorate different
3. Find a workout partner or
group. Numerous studies show
that having a workout partner
helps to keep you accountable and
on track with your fitness goals.
This is also true for group exercise
classes. When your brain tells
you to sit on the couch instead of
hitting the gym, you’re more likely
to get up and go as opposed to

disappointing your friend who is
waiting for you at the gym!
Goal: Meet a friend at the gym.
4. Get used to it. Working out
should be as much a part of your
routine as brushing your teeth or
eating breakfast. When it’s part
of your schedule, you won’t even
have to think about it. In a few
months, fitness will be a regular
feature in your day.
Goal: Make it part of your daily
5. Live in the present. So you
missed a week at the gym and
polished off a pint of ice cream
over the weekend…leave the guilt
in the past. You have a chance to
get back into your routine today.
Goal: Keep it real!

6. Track it. With the influx
of wearable fitness tracking
technology you’ll find it easier
than ever to track your daily
progress. Or keep a written fitness
journal to record your weight
lifting, cardio sessions, and meals.
Goal: Keep a record. The proof is
in the data!
Sarah Price is the Group
Exercise Director at Timberhill
Athletic Club. She teaches Cycling
and Group Power and is passionate
about fitness.
For more information on
how we can help keep you on
track or to find the right group
exercise class for your YOU,
please contact Sarah at

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4. Take frequent deep breaths throughout the day.
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