Details for 11.14.17 To Your Health

Relieve Desk Body Drama at Work Sitting att a desk for hours on a day to day basis can take its toll on the body resulting in aches, pains and even injuries. This is due to the stagnant nature of sitting resulting in poor circulation to muscles and joints as well as creating muscle imbalances. Try these tips to decrease pain: 1. Take a two minute break every 30 minutes. 2. Get out of your chair and go for a 30 second walk or do some quick squats or lunges. 3. You can also perform a few quick stretches for your hips and back, such as a standing backbend. 4. Take frequent deep breaths throughout the day. 5. Take multiple breaks with short walks or bouts of stretching throughout the day are the keys to maintaining workplace wellness in a sitting environment. If working at your desk is causing you pain, call us today for a full posture and mobility assessment. (You do not need a Doctors referral to schedule an appointment with most insurance plans) 2635 NW Rolling Green Drive Corvallis, Oregon 97330 If you’re having pain or discomfort playing, give us a call in Corvallis at 541-752-0545 or Albany at 541-928-1411 and schedule an evaluation-we’ll make sure you stay healthy and mobile at work! 617 NW Hickory Street #160 Albany | 541-928-1411

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