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Welcome to 2018


Orange Media Network gears for winter term content
One term down, two to go.
As winter hits, the Orange Media Network
staff is looking forward to learning from
last term to provide the community with
interesting, entertaining and informative
content. Check out what each medium has in
store for this upcoming term.


As we enter the new year, KBVR-FM is
welcoming over 160 volunteers to be back
in front of the microphone. Whether they’re
live on the air, recording a podcast or calling
the next basketball game in Gill Coliseum,
DJs, podcasters and sports broadcasters
alike have been able to rely on the station as
a place of solace and self-expression. With
winter term on the horizon the community
can expect KBVR to have a brand new class
of DJs as more students get trained to join the
On top of having student-run and
student-curated programming on the air
24/7, several radio shows will find their home
on iTunes and Google Play as podcasts
this term. Inspiration Dissemination,
a long-standing radio program for the
station, features graduate students and
their respective research endeavors. Prism
Backmatter features artists and writers in
collaboration with Prism, and The Dish
features conversations on lifestyle and pop
culture in collaboration with Beaver’s Digest.
At the heart of college radio is the music,
and KBVR will continue to foster programs
such as Fourth Floor Underground, featuring
local artists and musicians coming through
town. KBVR-FM will continue to collaborate
with KBVR-TV to broadcast Locals Live
as well, along with other post-produced
You can tune in to KBVR-FM locally on
88.7 FM, or online at and the
TuneIn radio app.


Is our ability to transcend the boundaries
of how we communicate through technology
and digital platforms creating a culture of
apathy and identity loss?
Prism’s latest print publication Volume 134
explores the concept of lost communication,
feeling disconnected from the outside world,
and longing for meaningful interactions—all
while mastering the continuous practice of
presence of self.
Throughout the fall term it was interesting
to see how organically these conversations
developed over technology in the digital age
in regards to literature and the arts. We also
saw this as a recurring theme within the art
and literature submissions that we received.
With Oregon State being a research
university, we wanted to create content
for our Backmatter blog that highlighted
different exhibits on campus, and give our
readers insight into the history of different
sculptures around the Corvallis campus. We
used our Backmatter podcast as a platform

to discuss with different OSU students
and professors within the art and literary
community how art intersects with science,
humanities and technology.
During the winter term we are looking
forward to connecting with, and showcasing
artists across all mediums to continue
these important conversations—as well
as—creating purpose driven content that
is forward thinking, and contributes to the
advancement of the OSU community.


DAMchic is preparing for its second
round of publishing through Winter term.
After wrapping up the latest issue, ‘In
Motion,’ the magazine is already on track
for the new Spring issue. While the last
publication focused on how everyone takes
part within the movement of fashion, the
second will present how the youth has
affected the industry in various ways. This
includes how brands choose to market, the
progression of textiles and youthful inspired
photo editorials. The goal is to educate the
community about the industry currently and
open up the possibilities of where it could be
The magazine may be DAMchic’s main
focus, but it is not it’s only one. While the
issue is in the works, the team will continue
to work with Student Health Services for
the Boldly Me Fashion Show occurring in
late February. The fashion show touches
on sexual health and advocacy through
trivia games, public speakers and of course,
fashion. The theme this year is all red
everything and will feature designs made by
students. The event gives students a chance
to express themselves while advocating a
special cause.
Until then, In Motion Winter 2018, will
officially be on stands the second week of
school and all through the term.

Web and Mobile

As the global trend towards digital content
grows, so too does Orange Media Network’s
focus on producing web-exclusive material
and increasing digital engagement.
Launched in 2016, the Web and Mobile
department at OMN is responsible for digital
and social media strategy across all mediums
at OMN, maintaining the website and for
the creation of online-exclusive content.
In addition to providing all mediums with
continual updates on audience engagement
using a variety of analytics tools, the Web and
Mobile team also helps assist each medium
with developing innovative ways to produce
digital content. Through collaborative and
comprehensive plans, the team works to
ensure that all content being produced
reaches its audience, and informs the
content-creators to strategize and manage all
aspects of their production and distribution.
Need any easy way to stay connected with
the award-winning content being produced
at OMN? Subscribe to the Juice Newsletter.

Produced by the Web and Mobile team and
delivered fresh-squeezed to inboxes twice a
week, the Juice highlights the best of OMN’s
mediums. This includes Daily Baro News
Blasts, updates from TV and FM, as well as
the latest from each magazine. Exclusive
deals and promotions from local businesses
can also be found in the Juice. Currently,
the Juice has an open-rate that exceeds the
industry average for newsletters.

OMN Creative Team

The Creative Team at Orange Media
Network is looking forward to a productive
2018. We will be returning this Winter with a
staff six, including of three graphic designers
and three creative video consultants. The
Creative teams works with virtually every
department of OMN, providing them with
various services such as editorial design,
promotional design, highlight videos and
video stories. We also work with external
clients on campus and throughout the
community, providing services such as
advertisement design, event design, and

As we continue to grow, be
on the lookout for our Barometer weekly issues, our
quarterly magazines, new
music on KBVR FM and
original student-created
content on KBVR TV.
Orange Media Network staff

creative video consultation. This past term
the creative team produced countless layouts,
infographics, and even won a national award
in advertisement design. We also started
using our new brand that we developed
over the summer, that included new fonts
and colors. Looking ahead towards 2018
our team would like to focus on continuing
to establishing connections between
various mediums, campus departments,
and throughout the wider community. Our
passion is to assist others in reaching their
creative goals and making content that we
can be collectively proud of.

Beaver’s Digest

Beaver’s Digest just launched the winter
issue of our magazine called, “Be a Good
One”. We are now working on the spring
issue for 2018. The winter issue has a little bit
of everything for our readers. The cover story
discusses homelessness and food insecurity
in the Corvallis community. We interview
students who are struggling with these issues

Scan QR code to acces
Orange Media Network
content online!

and provide resources that students can
utilize if they’re struggling. Other articles
in the magazine include issues on gender
inclusivity, OSU speech expression policy
and more. The goal of the winter issue is
to inspire and create positive change in the
community. We are now hard at work with
the spring issue which will be on stands
the first week of spring term. The spring
issue will continue to showcase students
and members of the Corvallis community
in new ways. Beaver’s Digest also has a talk
show called The Dish, episodes can be found
online on our website, orangemedianetwork.

OMN Marketing Department

The Marketing department at Orange
Media Network is a fledgling department at
OSU. Since September 2017, the Marketing
department has been directed by a Marketing
Lead who manages the numerous events,
people, and ideas that OMN represents.
The goal of the department is to bring
awareness of OMN and its media to OSU
and the broader Corvallis community. To
that end, the department engages with the
many different media at OMN, including The
Barometer, Beavers Digest, DAMchic, KBVR
FM & KBVR TV. OMN has great products
and services to offer which we believe
should be shared with the people around
us. Furthermore, the Marketing department
works closely with the Sales team at OMN, in
order to serve our many clients and generate
revenue for new projects. The department
creates analytics, marketing plans, and
tactical marketing strategies to provide our
clients value. We want our clients to know
that their money will be put to work in the
most effective way. As we continue to grow,
be on the lookout for our Barometer weekly
issues, our quarterly magazines, new music
on KBVR FM, and original student-created
content on KBVR TV.


KBVR TV is excited to launch its second
term of 365 days a year, 24 hours a day
content. This year, viewers can look forward
to continuing shows from last term, such
as “Locals Live”, “The Challenger”, “Split
Screen” and “Taste Tickler”. In addition
to these TV shows, “The Conversation”
is launching this term. Tune into content
literally any time, day or night, on Comcast
Channel 26, or visit our website at KBVRTV.

The Baro

The Baro is continuing its strive to provide
accurate, current and important information
to the community. Our team has used this
past term to create a workflow and a team
dynamic which will aid us moving forward.
We are anticipating using the skills we have
learned to provide deeper content to not only
the Oregon State University community, but
the Corvallis community as a whole. We look
forward to working with you.


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