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Web & Mobile

Managing Orange Media Network’s digital
identity, developing audience engagement
Web & Mobile Manager

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Web & Mobile department brings OMN online
In only its second year of
existence, the Web & Mobile
department at Orange Media
Network plays a large role in the
entire organization’s social media,
website and digital presence.
Working with each medium to
develop and manage strategies to
gauge and increase community
engagement, the Web & Mobile

team utilizes the latest trends
in social media, a wide range of
analytics, online-exclusive and
digital multimedia content to
reach our audience. As the trend
towards digital content continues,
the goal of this team is to make sure
Orange Media Network stays ahead
of the curve. In the past year this
has included the creation of daily

newscasts called Newsblasts that are
published to social media nightly,
interactive timelines and graphics
and an elevated focus on video
and multimedia for all mediums.
The team is ever-evolving and
adapting to the organization’s needs
and industry trends.

Meet the team: small but effective
Web & Mobile Manager

Overseeing the Web & Mobile team
while also working closely with the
leaders across the organization, the
Web & Mobile Manager is in charge
of tracking and reporting networkwide audience engagement across all

digital platforms and developing the
organization’s digital identity. This
position also aides the business side
of OMN by providing analytics to the
sales teams and coordinating online

Social Media Strategist

This newly created position focuses
on the digital side of Beaver’s Digest,
DAMchic, Prism, KBVR-FM and KBVRFM. The Social Media Strategist works
with content creators regularly to
review social media and the website and

strategize for future goals. They also
produces the Juice (more on that later).
In an age where social media rules,
the Social Media Strategist is meant
to keep the organization up to speed
with our audience.

Engagement Editor

Managing social media and website
for The Daily Barometer is no easy feat,
which is why this position was recently
developed. The Engagement Editor
works daily with the Barometer editorial
team to strategize and plan content,

provide insight into the community and
audience engagement online, assist with
breaking news and general reporting
and help push the Barometer to produce
well-made, compelling and innovative
digital content.

As more and more of OMN’s audience
and content move online, There is a need
to make that content as engaging and
interactive as possible. This is where
the Interactive Web Designer comes in.
Focusing on taking content produced by

the various mediums and turning it into

Interactive Web Designer
The Web & Mobile team also
produces a twice weekly e-newsletter
called the Juice. Why is it called the Juice
you may ask? Because here at Orange
Media Network, we fresh squeeze
our content into your inbox twice a
week (....If you didn’t laugh at that, I
understand). The Juice takes the best
work from each medium and delivers
it to our subscribers on Monday and
Thursday mornings. This includes the

supplementary pieces that go online,
this position helps to create timelines,
interactive maps and digital graphics
that tell stories and bring readers in.

latest stories and Newsblasts from The
Daily Barometer, the latest articles and
videos from the magazines, the latest
podcasts and updates from radio and the
most recent shows from TV. In addition
to this, the Juice has been known to
include coupons for local businesses
from time to time. If you are interested in
subscribing to the Juice, you can do so at, or through
the QR code below! How refreshing!

To access Orange Media Network’s
website, which includes pages for
each of the six mediums, scan here
using your smartphone! You can also
subscribe to the Juice here!


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